About Me

Liubou Sas, nice to meet you! I’m a visual artist based in Vitebsk, Belerus.

I live and paint in Vitebsk (Belarus), where Chagall and Malevich lived and worked. ​ My creative path began at the age of 29, when i came to the studio of the famous artist and art theorist Maley Alexander. ​ He introduced me to the basics of painting, since then painting has become the main activity, without which i can no longer imagine my  life. ​
   A woman is the most complex and incomprehensible creature on the planet. ​ No one knows what she wants, but she does not know it herself. ​ Therefore, in my paintings you will mainly see a woman. ​ I have always been attracted by difficulties, I prefer complex riddles, and you can solve a woman endlessly. ​ I adore them, I admire them, I am looking for a way and artistic means to display them on a plane. ​ My author’s technique, which I called washed stone, is a combination of a rough stone surface and a gentle female image on it, symbolizing the fact that a woman with her beauty and weakness is able to tame any force, as well as change the course of history. ​ I am inspired by the works of the expressionists and my work is moving further and further from realism towards expressionism.​



2020- Suvorova 1,Vitebsk,    Slavyanskij bazar  19 group exhibition.
2021- ArtPab Torvald,Vitebsk,  solo exhibition.
2020- Я Моне Я Шишкин Я Малевич, group exhibition.
2021- the palace of  The Rumyantsevs and the Paskevichs,Lenin square 4., Gomel, “35 years under the sign of H”, republican exhibition.
2021- Aldgate- 7 Whitechapel Road, E11DU, London, UK , group exhibition.
2021- Kozlova 3, Palace of arts, group exhibition.
2021- “Womans”Wall” gallery, soli exhibition.
2021-Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, Spain,  group exhibition.
2021- Eurasium Art Gallery, Moscow,  “Portrait exhibition “
2022- Luxembourg Art Fair.
2022- Beautiful India, kz Vitebsk

2021- Artbox Project 2   Zurich, Switzerland.
2022- URBANSIDE Gallery Zurich, Switzerland.



2020- Colors of Humanity Gallery, first place.
2021- Helvetart gallery, Zurich
2021- CFA Brooklyn Contest Honorable Mention,finalist.
2021- Grey cube gallery, Faces art show, USA , third plase.
2022- ARTBOX.PROJECT World 2.0, Zurich,  Switzerland.


To order a portrait from a photo or other work, please contact me. The price of the work depends on the size, technique etc.